Are you looking for a summer camp for kids in Orange County, Tustin, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Newport Beach.

Our Youth Program offers dance classes and Summer Dance Camp for children.

We offer series of activities like stretching & conditioning, dancing, tumbling and weekly performing!

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Many parents find themselves searching for summer camp activities for kids

. Summer Camp Activities is a wonderful choice for both boys and girls. With a variety of benefits: physical, mental, and social …why not find summer camps for kids near you today?

1. Improved Learning Skills:

 In a summer dance program or developing the ability to focus and understand the concept of discipline. These skills learned through dance will carry into all areas of life, including both home and school settings. These educational skills learned and practiced in summer camp activities for kids, will stick with your child as he or she enters the new school year, and will lead to an improved academic performance!

2. Beat Summer Boredom:

While many children look forward to summer all year long, without a daytime activity, the days can tend to drag on. Summer Dance Camps Activities provide a variety of fun for children as they learn new moves, play fun games, and develop creativity. As children experience new dance styles and learn new skills,

3. Improved Social Skills:

As your child gains self confidence, he/she will also become more comfortable meeting new people and building relationships.

As children learn new dancing skills and choreography together, they learn to work as a team.

Additionally, more reserved children can learn to overcome shyness and stage fright through fun performances often held at the conclusion of a summer dance program.

4. Improved Physical Health:  

Dance is a form of aerobic activity; it is a sure way to keep your child moving and grooving for an extended period of time.

5. Improved Self-Confidence:

 Dance provides children with an outlet for self expression. Learning to express their feelings in a new way provides opportunity for improved self esteem.

These are only five benefits of summer dance camps, but the list goes on! Whether your child has years of dance experience or none at all, be sure to check out the summer camp activities near you this summer!


Pro Dance Studio is Orange County, Tustin based Studio!

Children of many nationalities and cultures come together to learn new skills, make new friends and have fun!
Today more than ever it’s important to keep our children engaged with physical and social activities that a related to getting rest from social media and computer time!

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